Our Core Values

Our Core values



Because our clients expect us to advise them, but also to defend them, we place at their service our experience, analysis and expertise, but also our commitment.


Because we have a thorough command of the law and an in-depth knowledge of the fields of activities of our clients, we deal with the questions submitted to our analysis with an independent eye. We are not afraid to say no, but also strive to suggest alternative solutions and strategies to reach their objectives, however ambitious.


Because the law is the science of power balance, but also the cement of any enterprise, we propose legal strategies which are both creative and adapted, defining and implementing the most favourable solutions for our clients, whether in negotiations with a business partner or within the framework of litigation procedures.


Because our clients expect relevant and efficient solutions even when problems are complex, and because we speak their language and understand their business and their stakes, we offer our clients clear advice and pragmatic solutions.


Because the logics and the dynamics of business are complex, we have made the choice of a full service structure, which enables us to provide our clients with multi-faceted advice taking into account legal constraints in all of our fields of practice. In anticipating legal evolutions or in managing a crisis, our team approach offers clients a global vision of legal issues.